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The Do’s and Don’ts When Loaning Money to Fund Your Travels


So you’ve already received your loan for your planned vacation. It’s easy to get excited and to immediately hop on the plane towards your destination; however, there are a few pointers that you should consider before leaving your home. Many vacationers and tourists make the critical mistake of not budgeting their travel funds, hence why they always end up shorthanded or with no extra cash left for souvenirs. With that being said, we had laid out a few do’s and don’ts when loaning money to fund your travels. You should be able to follow such tips as they are similar to the other basic travel tips that you may have come across already:

1. Be aware of international charges

Before you leave for your destination, be sure to check on fees that banks impose on credit card and debit card usage overseas. Remember, carrying huge amounts of cash isn’t necessarily practical, but paying for international charges is also an unwanted part of your expenditures. Also take note of the service fees, as establishments in other countries will surely have the liberty of asking for them, especially in tourist spots, where they typically view travelers and foreigners as rich and well-off travelers.

2. Check the conversion rates

There are always money changers stationed in the airports. Make sure to regularly check the currency conversion rates. It was once advised that “you might find a good deal of rates in malls compared to those money changers in the airport or your country of destination.” Of course, this would still depend on the country or location; nonetheless, make sure that you have money in the form of your destination’s currency.


3. You may choose a local sim card to avoid high call and text rates

Similar to the first pointer, international rates would always differ than that of the local rates that you’re used to. In such case, call and texts are no exception. Be wise in choosing whether or not you’ll still be using your country’s SIM, or just avail the SIM of your destination country. You can also ask about international roaming charges of our local cellular services as rates may be higher depending on the country of travel.

4. Plan your travel destinations ahead of time

When planning to go on a vacation, it is always wise to consider all of your expenses. This doesn’t mean you would just list down the cost of transportation, as even the place you would have to stay in (commonly known as accommodations) during your vacation would also add to your expenses, and the more exclusive the room is, the higher its price. Go for an accommodation that is near your exact vacation spot to avoid further travel cost.

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