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Different Saving Techniques and What Works


You have your financial goals. Maybe you want to put up a business of your own in three months or perhaps you’ve been dreaming about purchasing your own house. Whatever these goals are, you’ll be required to set-aside some money for you to be able to reach them. There are many creative and practical ways to save. Here are some of them:

  • Know how much you can afford

Be honest with yourself: are you earning enough to have the capacity to actually pay for your expenses? This awareness can help guide you in controlling your spending.

  • Pay in Cash

It’s easier to monitor your expenses when you pay in cash instead of using a credit card. While it hurts to use cash more than credit sometimes, this practice can help you have a better judgment on whether or not you should actually spend.

  • Opt for second-hand items if possible

Not everything has to be acquired brand new. Search online if you can actually find pre-owned items that you need. These things may not be new cheaper value, but it doesn’t always mean that their quality has been compromised.

  • Re-think big purchases

Opt to wait at least a day or two before making costly purchases. Sometimes we get too carried away by our excitement that we become irrational when deciding to spend on something. Take time to decide whether or not an item has to be purchased in order to avoid unnecessary spending.

  • Put your money in the bank

It’s surprising that many Filipinos don’t have money in the bank. Cebuana Lhuillier offers Regular Service Deposit Accounts, which is a regular passbook-based savings account that can be withdrawn from anytime. This type of account earns an interest of 1% per annum. You may also consider Special Savings Deposits, a term deposit savings account that offers premium rates with flexible maturity period. This kind of deposit comes with a passbook for ease of record-keeping and monitoring of account transactions.


Saving up doesn’t have to be complicated. Have a clear vision of what you want and what you wish to achieve. Be patient with yourself and the time it might take for you to achieve your goals—it’ll all be worth your while and will soon prove to be rewarding!