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Decluttering for the New Year: For Keeps or for Pawn?

What a mess?! 2020 has arrived, and yet, you haven’t thrown out the unnecessary clutter over the past few weeks. The thing about clutter is that they often distract you from the things that you should be more focused on. You are given the opportunity to start the New Year right. You have to freshen up and initiate on your resolutions, yet, you can’t do that with items obstructing your path and attention. There may be old clothes, bags, shoes, gadgets, etc. lying around your room and you do not know what to do with them. You can either give them away or completely throw them out. Of course, giving them away to people in need would be a great course of action, but the opposite can also be said about throwing them out, especially if the items in question are still in good, working condition. Albeit these two choices, there is a third option that may better interest you, pawning them off. Pawnshops have since evolved from merely accepting jewelries to accepting a good, working cellular phone. Some pawnshops even accept TVs and appliances, depending on the terms and conditions. In such case, allow us to provide a few tips, with regards to getting rid of your accumulated clutter, while also making a few extra amounts in the process:

1. Pawning off your jewelries

Let’s start with the basics. When pawning off jewelries, the very first question you should be asking is whether or not you’d still use it. If the jewelry is still in great condition and it still catches your eye even after many years of possession, then by all means, keep it. Original jewelries last longer than fake ones. Keep the original and get rid of the fakes that you may have bought just for the fun of it (and temporary aesthetics). Fake ones tend to break easily, so you’re better off throwing them out. If you’re the type to organize your accessory drawer then at least you’d have no accumulated clutter, but if that’s not the case then at least have the sense to clean it up, declutter your drawers, and decide on what you’ll do with your old jewelries. Pawnshops like Cebuana Lhuillier would usually provide a fair and high appraisal on pawned items, depending on the condition of the item itself. It is for this very reason why you should visit them one of these days, or immediately after cleaning up your home, in order to gain a few amounts in the start of the year.

2. Pawning off gadgets

Every year, cellular phone manufacturers would introduce a new make or model of their flagship phones. While every iteration of these device would seem fantastic at first glance, the sad reality remains that they are just mild upgrades, yet, are still being sold at a high price. If you happen to have your cellphone with you, think carefully about whether or not you’re ready to buy a new one. If your phone still functions like a charm, then by all means, keep it. If you think that it has ran past its well-needed use, however, then you may still pawn it off. As with jewelries, you may need to inspect its efficiency and condition even before asking for an appraisal. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention. If you happen to have a clutter of old cellular phones lying around, test them out and validate if they still work. If they are working fine after all these years, perhaps you may try to pawn them off instead. Do not stock cellphones in your drawers, by the way. There are certain dos and don’ts regarding this. If you’re no longer using a cellphone unit, take off the battery and keep it at a safe box. Regularly check the batteries as well for any forms of leaks or air bubble. They tend to explode when left unchecked, it is also for this very reason why you should inspect them carefully before running straight to the pawnshop, as you wouldn’t want an exploding device to go off during the appraisal process. Maintain them when not in use so you may still pawn them off at the right time.

3. Pawning off appliances

What else can we say about appliances? While not all pawnshops accept them, there are still some who do. Television, refrigerators, washing machines, you name it. As with all items which can be pawned off, make sure that they work well. Refrigerators which no longer freezes, washing machines which no longer spins, and televisions which only gives off sound are a perfect example of appliances which shouldn’t even make it to the appraisal stage. You might even be rejected at the items first glance, if the outer aesthetics do not meet well-regulated item standards. Remember, if it’s broke, you’re better off giving it to the junk shop than to the pawnshop, at least the junk shop would accept it with no hesitation.

Now that we’d discuss the various possible items that you can pawn off from your clutter, let us discuss the negative effects of having them around with the huge mound of mess in your home. Here are the negative effects of clutter:

a.  It may aggravate your senses – Clutter gives you that certain senses overload. You have lots of items around you that it almost becomes unbearable to focus on one thing.

b.  It may hinder your progress – Have you ever encountered a tasks which would require you to move from one place to another? Imagine how long it would take if your every move is obstructed by a clutter?

c.  It may trigger your allergy – Clutter has a certain way of housing germs and pests. Do not make the mistake of creating an unwanted ecosystem indoors. Clutter would shelter these germs and allergens which may irritate your senses as well. Be sure to clear everything out before that happens.

d. It may trigger stress, resulting to weight gain – You’ve read that right, stress is equals to weight gain. We know that you’d be more worried about and focused on the weight gain part and not the “clutter causes stress” part, so we thought of emphasizing on your biggest worry. Avoid weight gain, avoid accumulating clutter.

e.  It prevents you from starting anew – A New Year means a fresh start, and you would not be able to achieve that if you still have a lot of old stuff lying around. This doesn’t mean that you should spend money on buying new items, but rather, getting rid of all the old items that you no longer use on an everyday basis.

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