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Leaving Behind Bad Habits in Favor of the Good

2021 is finally upon us! Admittedly, 2020 has been a tumultuous year. People went through a rollercoaster ride of emotions, physical stress, and health scares, all brought about by the sudden occurrence of the pandemic. People lost their jobs, their well-being, and most painful of all, their loved ones. If that isn’t enough, people’s homes were also ravaged by the continuous influx of storms and typhoons, all culminating at the last quarter of 2020. Is it any wonder that the Filipino people are on their knees, hoping for the best after a year full of hardships? Understandably, any obstacle in life (including the whole mess that was 2020) can be conquered by a change in perspective. Aside from the usual encouragement brought about by faith, hope, love, and prayers, we are also motivated by the fact that we made it to 2021; we survived and we are given a brand new path to pursue towards a brighter tomorrow.

This certain fact doesn’t come without a few conditions of its own, however, and one such condition is to uphold a firmer grip on resolutions. We usually hear about the long list of New Year’s resolutions that ought to be checked before the year ends, determining whether or not we were able to stick to it all, but that repetitive promise of change has long been a ship that has sailed, as this current pandemic pushes us to stay true to our words of being better people, being healthier overall, and being cautious with our every move. Perhaps you’re still trying to sort out your priorities, thinking about the bad habits of old which you plan to eliminate in exchange for the good habits that would better your life this year 2021. If you still haven’t figured it all out, its okay, we have a few vital ones which may help you in the long run.

  1. Going for a greener diet.
    If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take our health for granted. Indeed, vaccines are being made to combat against COVID-19 even as you read through our helpful lists of resolutions, but that would not be enough to eradicate and protect you from the virus itself. You should consider doing your part as well by strengthening your own immune system. You may ask, “How would I even do that?” Simply put, going for a much greener diet would give you a better fighting chance against the virus. Remember, even if the vaccines are already said or advertised to effectively deflect the virus, they still have their own variety of effectivity, percentages, if you may. Your best defense would still be your very own immune system, that, and your urgency to follow all of the safety protocols being implemented by the LGUs of your barangay.

    What do I leave behind?
    All of the junk foods, salty, and oily delicacies which may have tickled your taste buds in the past, but are now the main contributors towards the decline of your own immune system.

  2. Organizing your mess.
    One result of the pandemic would be that you and your other household members may have been holed up at home for the past nine months or so. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, as it is better to avoid the virus overall just by staying at home, isolating yourselves from the risky crowd outdoors, however, there is also a certain disadvantage that goes along with it, and that is the continuous use or utilization of the household items and resources in your home. This in turn may have created a mess that might have displaced a couple of these household items from their usual spots. In such case, what better way to start the New Year than to find and organize all of them? You may even find other broken appliances or gadgets which are just taking up space and should have been allocated towards your other valuables. Feel free to throw away any clutter or items which has long passed their usefulness. Concentrate on maintaining a minimal approach. Remember, less is always more, and clutter would just be an obstacle towards a much cleaner look for your home. The visuals of your surroundings can also affect your outlook in life, and a cleaner environment and setting could just set your perception towards a brighter future, a brighter tomorrow, and a clearer goal in life.

    What do I leave behind?
    Simply put, the habit of leaving your clutter unattended. It’s okay to forget every once in a while, but what’s not okay is to leave them off for such a long time, thus, accumulating your clutter and hiding the important items from your grasp.

  3. Lessening your social media consumption.
    All of us need to be informed about the current happenings in our country. If it wasn’t for social media, the Filipino people would not be aware of the current pandemic. We’d also be unaware of its nature, the preventive measures, and the new policies that were implemented by our local government. Indeed, social media can be a lifesaver at times. However, too much of anything good can also be bad, and social media consumption is no different. The continuous influx of bad news, fake news, and trolling has been a nagging problem for quite a while now. The social media operators (in spite of their efforts) aren’t able to control and ban all of these fake news and trolling due to the fact that they are all made by an army of people who prefer to spread chaos and misinformation rather than to be pillars of truth in our society. This made a majority of the internet a murky and sad place to be in, thus, forcing many to quit from their social media accounts as well. There used to be a time when a certain social media platform was utilized merely for building friendships online, but it has since shifted its focus towards marketing (and unbeknownst to it) political agendas, thus, making it a huge pile of misinformation and arguments. Lessening your social media consumption would not only save you from these problems, it would also lessen your stress and worries in life. You may visit credible news websites instead, for your daily dose of good news, informative tidbits, and inspiring stories.

    What do I leave behind?
    The tendency to believe fake news, as well as the possibility of getting into a worthless argument that would just waste your time.

So, with all of that being said, it is much better to leave behind bad habits in favor of the good. One bad habit would be to waste your time in long queues, risking your health amidst the current pandemic. If you happen to be a Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings account holder, then we have very good news for you. Cebuana Lhuillier (in coordination with UnionPay) has something in store for its patrons all around the Philippines. Being aware of the current prohibitions set in place by the government to combat and stop the spread of the virus, they came up with a cashless transaction process that would at least enable Micro Savings account holders to pay for their preferred services without the fear of contracting the virus through infected money. Through their eCebuana App, you may access the eLoad Top-Up functionality, the Bills Payment section, the Insurance Purchase (New) section, the Fund Transfer function via QR code (New), and the Pawn Renewal (New) functionality, all at their fingertips. This is also more of a safety feature, promoting home isolation rather than risking outdoor activities and transactions which may further result to the spread of the virus. Try it out and enjoy the amazing features of the eCebuana App!