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How Can Microinsurance Benefit You against Natural Disasters


Natural disasters are very unforgiving and unpredictable. While there are weather reports that would protect and warn us from any type of monsoon, there will always be possibilities of a very hazardous climate, depending on the situation. The cloudy calmness of the day may turn out to be the center of the storm, giving you no choice but to face the wind turbulence later on. In such case, you would need protection amongst time of turmoil and typhoons, and we’re not just talking about physical shields against natural disasters. Availing microinsurance coverage is always a wise decision when it comes to reducing the cost of damage repairs. Regardless of its premiums, as long as you have microinsurance implemented, you’d be doing better after a storm. You may ask, what are the benefits of microinsurance against natural disasters? Well, look no further than the following:

1. Protection for your home.

Our homes are always the frontliners when it comes to storms, hence, it should only be fitting for it to be included within the coverage. There are premiums tackling loss protection to buildings and residential dwellings including their contents against perils of fire, lightning and other allied perils such as earthquake, typhoon and flood. Hence, you are given enough option and security to help you rebuild without too much of the hassle and the expense later on.

2. Protection for your business.

Aside from your home, your livelihood is also at stake. You wouldn’t want all of your hard-earned savings to be used solely for the rebuilding of your tarnished business, do you? Whether it’s a small time or big time business, you must implement microinsurance coverage on it as well, so that you would not be burdened with a huge amount of repair expenses thereafter. Some business microinsurance coverages are too flexible that they are even identified as Personal and Property Insurance specifically designed for clients with micro, small, and/or medium enterprises or businesses, covering property insurance, burglary and robbery, accidental death, permanent disablement and dismemberment, accident medical reimbursement (AMR), and money, securities, and payroll coverage.


3. Protection for your vehicle.

Microinsurance coverage isn’t limited to your home and businesses; you may also get one for your car or vehicle. There are such things as Acts of God/Nature or AOG/AON, which basically refers to natural disasters. This is included within most insurance policies, as obviously, it isn’t your fault that a storm decided to drop by in your vicinity and destroy all of your beloved possessions, including your ride. Feel free to discuss this with your insurer to make the most out of your coverage and claims.

With all of those in mind, you may definitely want to weight in your options, analyzing which establishment would be best for availing a microinsurance premium and coverage. Look no further with Cebuana Lhuiller’s Microinsurance Services, affordable insurance products to help Filipinos avail of financial services and privileges that higher-income earners have easy access to, with innovative microinsurance products and services that promise to minimize impact of distress and misfortune on one’s financial position. Feel free to visit your nearest branch for more information.

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