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Budgets and Groceries: Tips on How to Maximize Your Monthly Supplies


Every month or so, everyone goes to the grocery store to replenish their family supplies. Food, ingredients, toiletries, and even beverages are bought in order to fill up stocks for the whole month. There are times in which they’d be consumed exactly by the end of the month, but there are also shortages from time to time, urging every household to visit the grocery once again in order to fill in that void. This can be more costly, and thus, adds an unwanted dent to the family budget. In such case, proper usage of supplies should be implemented in order to have enough even before the month ends. Here are a few valuable tips in doing just that:

1. The more you have, the more you’ll spend.

There’s nothing wrong about buying an extra amount when it comes to your supplies, but purchasing too much may do more harm than good. This is more evident when it comes to food products. Remember, they are only as good as their expiration date allows them to be, and stocking on perishable goods is not money well spent. You may need to invest more on food which will last for more than a few months. Toiletries and non-edibles are exempted from this, so stock up on soap and shampoos if you have to.

2. Properly preserve leftovers.

Food wasted is equivalent to money wasted as well. If there are leftovers, at least put them in the refrigerator. You may “repurpose” them the next day, mix them up with other fresh ingredients to add to taste, just as long as you’d never have to throw them away. You may also consider storing them in air-tight containers so they may not be contaminated with bacteria. If you can’t really consume them within a certain period of time, then at least give them away to a kind neighbor. Who knows, they might return the favor one of these days.

3. Make sure that nothing goes to waste.

Avoid applying too much toothpaste on your brush, the same goes for your soap and shampoos. Soap should not be left submerged in water, unless you want them to go out fast. When applying shampoo, be sure to take a small amount, then spread them on your palm, at least you’ll be able to maximize them. Roll up your toothpaste tube, never leaving any amount to waste. When it comes to edibles, cook only the right amount for that particular meal; never prepare anything in excess, unless you’re planning to have leftovers for the next day.

4. Manage your budget before proceeding to the grocery.

Live within your means. If your budget dictates smaller supplies for the month then at least orient everyone in the household. Let them know that no amount shall go to waste, regardless if it’s edible or non-edible. Supplies are scarce and the budget is tight, hence you may need to maximize every resource at hand. One main consequence of unwisely using up your supply is that there may never be another stock until the next month. If you need to sacrifice a bit of the toiletries, then feel free to do so. Do not disregard food products though, as everyone in the household needs their nutrients.

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