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Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Save You Money

Budget Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Save You Money

Decorations are a major part of Christmas celebration. They may be found in all houses, varying from the largest tree up to the smallest potted ones. Yes, they are a must-have for any household during the Yuletide seasons; however, not everyone can afford them.

We usually find decorations sold in malls and sidewalks, and in spite of the promos concerning these items, we cannot ignore how costly they may still be, especially the ones which require electricity to run (Christmas lights and dancing Santa figurines). With that in mind, we had prepared a few budget-friendly DIY Christmas decorations that will save you money during the holidays:

1. Bathroom Roll Reindeers

Everyone is familiar with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and his friends. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise that the four-legged creatures are a favorite choice when it comes to symbolic Christmas decoration. No need to spend big just to have them over at your home. Just recycle a few cardboard rolls from your depleted tissue supplies, draw a cute reindeer face, with big round eyes, and then cut the bottom of the roll in four arching patterns, making four legs in the process.

Then, cut the top of the roll, shaping tree-like branches for the antlers, after which divert your attention to the nose of the reindeer by either drawing a simple nostril or sticking a rolled up red crepe-paper below the eyes. Do the same process a few times more to complete Rudolph and his friends.

2. Bottle Cap Parol

Budget Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Save You Money2

This is another easy-to-do Christmas decoration that sticks close to Philippine Holiday traditions. Take a thick cardboard (you may get one from any unused grocery supply box) and then draw a big star. Cut out the star with a sharp scissor or cutter, and then stick different colored bottle caps to the star shape.
You can freely use your imagination with whatever pattern you may create within the star using the bottle caps, it is better to collect many different colored ones from various types of soft drinks so you will have more choices in terms of designs.

3. Cotton Ice Cream Ornaments

Budget Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Save You Money3

What would you do with a Christmas tree with no ornaments? You decorate it, of course. A few groceries offer multi-colored cotton balls which come in very cheap prices. You’ll need a few for this project, along with a few colored paper and glitter, most importantly, a bottle of glue. Firstly, stack two to three cotton balls (different colored ones are the best) with a glue, then, roll up the colored paper into small cones (it would be appropriate to cut them into little pieces first before doing the cone, apply glitter for additional aesthetics), the size of the cones would depend on the size of the cotton balls. Lastly, stick the stacked cotton balls to a cone; then, attach a small, looped thread to the cone with a transparent tape. Repeat these steps countless times until you have enough to decorate a whole Christmas tree.

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