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Online Cash Transfers: Tips and Tricks for Safety and Security

An OFW Using One of the Best Apps To Send Money to the Philippines


It is not easy being an OFW. You spend months, sometimes years, away from home to earn money and help your family back in the Philippines. Because the money you send back home is the result of hard work, finding a secure means to transfer funds internationally is essential to ensure your labor isn’t wasted.

Fortunately, money transfer apps provide a secure and convenient way to transfer funds internationally online. That being said, safe money transfers depend on you, the user, and the app you’re using.

Don’t worry, though – Cebuana Lhuillier is here to help you. In this article, we’ll discuss tips to help you find the best app to send money to the Philippines and how to use it safely.



Choosing the Best App To Send Money to the Philippines

Selecting a good money transfer app depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, in general, the app should have most, if not all the features below:


Security Features

A money transfer app you can trust should have various security features. For instance, users should be able to log in using a password, a one-time PIN (OTP), a fingerprint, or a face ID. The app should also verify money transfer transactions using similar security features. Additionally, you should be able to receive an email or SMS notification for every successful transaction so you know if your money has already been received.


User-Friendly Interface

Choose an app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This means the app should be fairly simple to use, with the information you need easily accessible. A user-friendly interface makes it convenient to conduct money transfers and avoid any mistakes, particularly for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Otherwise, using an app to send money internationally can result in frustration, especially if you need to as soon as possible.


Excellent Customer Support

Check the level of customer support the money transfer app provides. It should offer responsive customer support channels either through phone, email, or online messaging. This will come in handy when you encounter issues with your money transfer transactions or have any questions about the app’s services.


Preferred by Many Users  

One way to know whether you can trust an app is by checking reviews. Try asking other users – OFWs or not – for recommendations on what app to use to send money abroad. Inquire about their experience and what they liked or didn’t like about the app they use. If an app is preferred by many users, most likely, this is because it is secure, easy to use, and provides good customer service.



Safely Using an Online Money Transfer App

Even if an app is secure and trusted by many, you still need to know how to safely use it to avoid money transfer scams or mistakes. Check out the tips below on how to safely send money abroad online:


Verify Information

Sending money to the wrong person because of incorrect details can be difficult to reverse. As such, you need to take time to verify the information you input on the app, including the recipient’s name, account number, contact number, and other details. This will help you save money and stress. In addition, if you are sending money to another person because they requested it, make sure to verify the identity of the person you’re transacting with first.


Do Not Click Dubious Links 

Scammers often send links to people via email or text messages. Often, they pretend to be legitimate institutions (e.g., banks) to entice recipients to click on the link to steal their account numbers, passwords, and other personal information. Beware! Scammers usually convince victims to click links by saying there’s a problem with their account or they need to confirm a piece of information, among other deceptions.


Save Online Receipts

There are many reasons to save online receipts. Firstly, they serve as proof that you made an online money transfer and are essential in case any dispute or discrepancies arise. It also allows you to verify that you sent money to the correct person. Additionally, keeping online receipts is helpful in personal budgeting and tracking of finances.


Avoid Public WiFi

Do not use public WiFi when sending money online. Using them may be free, but there are serious risks. Because no authentication is needed to establish a network connection, hackers are given the opportunity to access vulnerable devices on the same network. This allows cyber criminals to steal sensitive information, such as bank details, security credentials, and such.



Send and Receive Money Safely Online With the Help of Cebuana Lhuillier!  

With Cebuana Lhuillier, you can be at ease knowing that the hard-earned money you send will safely reach your loved ones back home. We have partnered with a long list of reliable international remittance companies to make money transfers easier and more accessible for every Filipino abroad.

You can visit them to send funds internationally or try checking if they offer apps that’ll allow you to transfer money online. Bear in mind the tips we discussed above to help you choose the best app to send money to the Philippines for your needs.


Speaking of apps, we launched our own eCebuana app in 2020, which enables users to access our micro financial services, including money remittance. Users can send money from their Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings accounts to another or have the cash picked up at any Cebuana Lhuillier branch with 20% less on fees. They may also opt to transfer money to other banks through Instapay.

Moreover, Filipinos can now receive money from abroad through the eCebuana app! With this feature, the funds sent to them from another country can be directed into the app, allowing them to instantly use the money without having to claim the funds in person.




Cebuana Lhuillier is always available to provide you with assistance concerning our services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about using the eCebuana app or our international partners. You may also visit our branches to talk to our staff. Get in touch with us today!