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Benefits of Investing on Microinsurance for PUJ Drivers


Our beloved PUJ drivers are our everyday lifesavers. No taxi or app-based rides nearby? No worries, as our local jeepney drivers are here to the rescue. Depending on the route and distance, you would only have to pay a few amounts just to get to your destination, may it be work or school. In the perspective of a jeepney driver, every day is a rough day; imagine dealing with traffic, extreme heat, breakdowns at the side of the road, and long driving hours. And to think that there are far more worrisome things that can happen on the road. Accidents may strike without warning and our beloved Jeepney drivers are always on the frontlines. With all of that in mind, it would be appropriate to mention that a microinsurance service would be most needed by all PUJ drivers. You may ask, why? What would be the benefits if they were to avail one? Well, no need to look further, as we had enumerated a few of them:

1. It has a wide array of coverage involving accidents on the road.

We mentioned that accidents can happen with no warning, so it’s better to be prepared at all times. Accidental Death, Disablement & Dismemberment (ADD&D), and Permanent Total Disability (PTD) are just some of the prime results of a road accident, and believe it or not, they are all included in microinsurance coverage. Isn’t that amazing? Their families would never have to worry about the huge expense that comes after an accident, as microinsurance would handle those types of burden in the long run.


2. Get high benefits at a low premium.

Microinsurance was basically made for those who are earning below the average pay, hence is tailor-fitted to PUJ drivers who risk their lives on the road, yet earn only a few hundreds per day. With the low fee offered by microinsurance services, they would finally be able to invest in a service that is definitely worth every centavo of their hard-earned money, a service that cares.

3. A fair amount provided by the coverage itself.

We had mentioned a few of the coverage before, now; here are the amounts to be shouldered in the offset of an accident. Let us use Cebuana Lhuillier’s TODACARE as an example:

CoverageOption 1Option 2Option 3
Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Disablement50,00075,000100,000
Permanent Total Disability50,00075,000100,000
Murder and Unprovoked Assault50,00075,000100,000
Accident Medical Reimbursement3,0005,00010,000
Burial Benefit (Accident/ Sickness)5,0007,50010,000
Daily Hospital Income100200300
Premium (including taxes)165.00235.00325.00

4. Easy and fast processing.

No one wants to wait in long lines. Again, let us focus on Cebuana Lhuillier, as not only do they offer low premiums, but they also made their services convenient to lessen the distress and hassle faced by Filipinos. Deciding to purchase policy insurance is made easy by visiting any Cebuana Lhuillier branch near you, submitting the documents needed and signing the necessary paper works. Now, how’s that for an easy process?

With all of that being said, why not go for a top, reliable service and microinsurance that only the best has to offer. TODACARE is a Group Personal Accident Insurance specially designed for transport group leaders, officers and members. It covers Accidental Death, Disablement & Dismemberment (ADD&D), Permanent Total Disability (PTD), Unprovoked Murder & Assault (UMA), Accident Medical Reimbursement (AMR), Burial Benefit (accident/sickness) and Accident Daily Hospital Income (DHI). Visit your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch now – we assure a fast, easy and secure transaction.

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