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Barely Making It: 3 Signs of Financial Problems You May Be Experiencing and What You Can Do About It


It’s hard to make a living nowadays. The income is low, job opportunities are low, and the prices are high. When you’re barely making it every month, you know that there is definitely something wrong with your financial stature. Yes, we are all aware of this common phenomenon among the majority of hard workers within the country, but awareness isn’t enough to make up for the whole situation. Proper action and immediate planning should be done in order to surpass the hardships brought about by these financial concerns. Let us understand them one by one and know the solution in addressing such concerns:

By knowing what the problem is, we are better equipped with what information to look for when addressing them.

1. You have little to no savings at all.

When you’re barely making it, you know that you either a) have just the right amount to pay for everything, or are b) earning less than that of your financial obligations. You are faced with a dilemma to either go look for an alternate job or cut down on your expenses. It would be tough trying to decide which to choose, however, one solution surpasses these options:

Solution: Try to find an extra job. We’re not just talking about part time on weekdays, you can allot one day per weekend on family days while the other on your part time job. For a much modern perspective, you can even apply for freelance, just to have an extra earning for your savings and emergency funds.

2. No budget plan.

Neglecting a budget plan is like asking for a disaster waiting to happen. Aside from the fact that you would overspend, there would be nothing left as well from all of your savings, as a lack of proper budget may force you to touch your savings account in case of unforeseen expenses. A disorganized way of spending your monthly earnings would only leave you with nothing left, even after a year of hard work.

Solution: Be wise. As with all kinds of sports games, you must strategize in order to win. List down all of your expenses, and then, distribute your budget accordingly. This way, you would be able to determine whichever monthly expense needs to be cut, like cable bill for example. No point in having one if you can set up a cheap antenna for a much affordable entertainment. A well-planned spending brings about countless savings.


3. Depending on others to finance your expenses.

Simply put, relying on someone all the time is not a long-term solution. You can rely on your family, loved ones, or friends; yet, this isn’t a very good practice in the long run. You’re going to have lots of debts and are going to owe them a sense of gratitude. There is nothing wrong with that since it is a signature trait of ours, but anything in huge amounts is always hazardous.

Solution: As early as now, learn to rely on yourself. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Get a part time job or cut down on your expenses. These are just some of the most common solutions when it comes to financial needs. Know your limits, yet, do not limit your potential. Being independent is better than being on the receiving end of a big debt.

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