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How to Avoid Money Transfer Scams

How to avoid money transfer scams

As an OFW, it is our responsibility to provide for our families back home. It was our goal to find a greener pasture. When we finally find one, we are given more opportunities to share our blessings with our loved ones. But in spite of that, not everyone in our surroundings share the same humble goal as we do, and instead, do not have our best interest in mind. Case in point, there are money transfer scams, hoping to prey on unsuspecting individuals who are not cautious about their everyday transactions. Here are just a few tips in order to avoid money transfer scams:

1. Beware of suspicious e-mails.

Just last year, news broke out of a few OFWs being victims of money transfer scams via e-mail. The modus operandi was that a particular e-mail was posing as a family member message, asking for bank details and such. The unsuspecting victims then gave the required details, resulting to the loss of their savings and hard-earned money. Never give out your personal info online, especially if it has something to do with your financials. Remember, you are not sure of whom you’re really interacting with online, so be sure to check with family members if there really is an emergency back home before interacting further.

2. Quick-money opportunities.

Mostly found in social media sites, networking has been around for a few years now. There are countless promises of quick money, with the so-called “representatives” posing next to expensive cars, with a bundle of money in hand. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Do not fall for this scam; mainly because the only one gaining a huge amount of money is at the main peak of the scam pyramid, the “downlines” usually receive less to nothing at all. Never transfer “cash investments” when asked to and avoid dealing with their so-called “representatives.”

3. Use a well-known money transfer service.

One main reason of OFWs falling victim to money transfer scams is because they usually choose a money transfer channel which promises a reliable service, with no validity to back that up. These types of money transfer booths are unsecured, and full of security holes, which is why personal infos usually become compromised and reach the hands of scammers. Choose a well-known institution, with years of excellent service and unbeatable efficiency, only renowned by many of its clients worldwide.

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