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Are you the Happiest Pinoy?




Remaining resilient and positive in trying times differentiates Pinoys from the rest of the world. Our ability to smile despite the price increase in commodities, tuition fees, and the “extra challenge” to save always see us through. But what does happiness really mean for the everyday Pinoy? A happiness campaign from Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions reveal it’s the following:


What does happiness mean to you?

1. Health

2. Financial security

3. Work


These are among many others but many will agree with number 2. For sometime, talking about money and happiness in the same light are taboo. There’s a saying “money can’t buy happiness” but I disagree. Financial security gives us a good night sleep, making our mornings and disposition happy. When you worry about money, how can you be happy?



Money is not the root of all evil, lack of money is!


In fact, I believe that “lack of money is the root of all evil” and not money in general. Now that we’ve reached the second half of the year, many of us are subconsciously evaluating our financial development. We’re looking backward to see how many steps we’ve taken to reach our financial goals for 2012 – and look forward to how many steps away we are.


This is a good time to remember the parable of the poor little rich man. He accumulated wheat all his life and for himself alone. He was so frugal even with himself, nor does he share his blessings to his servants. When he reached his goals, accumulating wheat enough to feed thousands, he went to rest and sleep – and never woke up again.


During the happiness bootcamp I attended, Jonathan Batangan (General Manager of CLIS) told us how selflessness is a characteristic of the happiest people in the world. In our journey to happiness, it is counterproductive to think of ourselves alone. Imagine how you can have a positive impact in the lives of others.


It’s no surprise how the happiest and richest people in our midst are those who know how to share their wealth, “for it is in giving that we are able to receive”. Money lets us practice generosity to help our family, friends, and most especially – people who we don’t even know.


In their happiness campaign, Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions wishes to promote not just being resilient and choosing to be positive but also to promote awareness on the plight of our indigenous Aeta brothers & sisters.



Today can make you rich


Here’s a secret to getting happy and rich- focus on the now, use your “present” because it’s a gift you can use to build your future. Choose to be productive now, don’t look back at the past or be discouraged by an uncertain future. That’s just you procrastinating. Choose to be a happy money maker no matter how hard it is to save today. Believe you can achieve your financial goals and eliminate your worries so you can focus on today.


During the conference, Jonathan explained how powerful our thoughts are and how they DO determine our future. Borrowing the words of buddha “the mind is everything, what you think, you become”. Many of us know this but most of the time, we choose to criticize, complain, and magnify our aches & pains rather than our blessings. Truly, being positive is a hard task when our minds are programmed to tune into the harsh realities of life.


Let me take this opportunity to introduce God into your life, whose goal is to make us happy. In fact he said, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you”. You guessed it, it’s my favorite verse and the promise I keep close to my heart when my bank account balance is simply depressing.


Let’s celebrate happiness!


So what is the happiest campaign all about? CLIS wants to celebrate and promote Filipino resilience in the midst of trying times. They are now searching for the next Happiest Pinoy who will join the ranks of Winston Maxino – the Happiest P
inoy 2009. Winston’s story beats all the stories I’ve watched from the 700 Club, learn what Angkylosing Spondilitis is and watch Winston’s story here.


Nona wearing pink and that’s me on the right (forgive the haggard look)


During the Happiness Boot Camp, I also met Nanay Nona who was a finalist in 2010. She has won international grants for her advocacy in breastfeeding. You can also read more about breastfeeding in my Mommy Blog –


Nominations are now open and up for grabs are P25,000 for all the runners-up and P250,000 for the happiest pinoy.Visit their Facebook Page


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