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A Shiny, Glittery Christmas

The holiday season is upon us, and finally, we have something to celebrate about after all of the challenges we’ve hurdled this year. Indeed, 2020 is a year that would make its mark in history, not just because it has affected the lives of Filipinos, but because the impact of COVID-19 was worldwide. There were many defeats, tragedies, and job loss this year and some people even find it hard to smile and push on with their daily lives. It’s a good thing that we have something to look forward to, and Christmas is definitely one of them. Now, while a majority of the world is still struggling with the current pandemic, there are certain parts of the globe which has an amazingly low count of positive cases. New Zealand, in particular, was successfully in driving away COVID-19 for a certain period of time, announcing back in June that they were able to drop the positive cases to zero. This was big news back then, with many attributing the success towards the relentless drive of their leader and citizens in being vigilant and active in implementing and following all of the safety measures and restrictions set in place.

Soon after, other countries followed suit, thus, lowering their positive cases as well as the months went on. Here in the Philippines, we still have a high rate of positive cases, however, there are municipalities which have a zero recorded case as of November, so perhaps our efforts are paying off little by little. This spells out the future for us, with many social gatherings taking the spotlight again for the foreseeable future. But for now, we are told to still follow the safety measures set in place in order to halt the further spread of the virus. Now, being isolated at home doesn’t mean we can’t get to celebrate Christmas. We could still have a wonderful feast with our loved ones at home, going live for an online call to enjoy the traditional “Noche Buena” with our loved ones who may live a few municipalities away. We could still dress up and enjoy Christmas the way we used to, albeit with some minor changes. We could still wear the same fabulous clothes we adorn every Yuletide season and we could still show them off via online calls. This, of course, includes your jewelry and precious gems. Now, with everything that happened this year, it is understandable that you may have been unprepared, you were unable to plan picking the proper jewelry that would complement your outfit. But there’s no need to worry, because we have prepared a couple of tips to help you with that “daunting” task.

    1. First of all, don’t overdo it.
      You wear jewelry to accentuate your clothes, you don’t wear them to blind your loved ones. There is only a certain amount of jewelry that you can wear to an event or a party, and Christmas Eve is no different than that. Don’t try to imitate your Christmas tree. You may choose to wear your earrings, your necklace, or your bracelet, but you should not wear them simultaneously, especially as you’re only going to celebrate Christmas Eve at home this year. Believe us, they already know that you’re beautiful. You don’t need to impress them with the gems.


    1. Go for the Yuletide colors.
      The signature colors of Christmas would always be green, red, and white. In the case of jewelry, they would directly translate red, gold and silver (a bit farfetched, but the red is what brings them all together). An online jewelry website says it best when it comes to trying to balance out the colors – “The important thing is that they shine: no fogged silver, the gold is better yellow or white. And red is must not be just a ruby or coral: there are fun and more affordable jewels that fit well.” This is even made easier if you happen to maintain your jewelry religiously. Taking care of them would maintain their shine and glitter throughout the years.


    1. Proper timing is the key.
      Remember when we said that your jewelry should accentuate the clothes you wear? Well, that’s just rule number one when it comes to wearing your gems at a festive occasion. The other unwritten rule states that there is a proper place and time to wear them. Remember, you are wearing your jewelry at Christmas Eve, you do not need to wear them at lunch time before the event even begins. As impressive as it would be to wear a diamond necklace during lunch time, it would seem awkward (not to mention, funny) to your family. You may wear a subtle earring or ring for lunch, but nothing too “loud” or distracting.


    1. Mix and match with care.
      Just because jewels are needed to accentuate your dress doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work both ways. The clothes you wear should also balance out your overall appearance. Here are a few helpful tips from a reliable online source, with regards to matching your clothes with your gems:• A dark-colored dress is often applicable for the occasion. The jewels to match? Yellow or white gold, but also a silver jewel as long as the luster and design, is fine.
      • If you prefer a dress that is livelier with color, then perhaps go for red jewels. Don’t choose very large earrings, instead, opt for a generously sized or particularly colored ring.
      • In particular, if the atmosphere is more like a party than a dinner for a few close friends, you can opt for a cocktail ring, possibly with a predominant red hue.


    1. It’s always the thought the counts.
      Celebrating with your family, friends, and loved ones (even through online video call) is what matters most. You are allowed to wear your jewelry to lighten up the mood, but it shouldn’t be the center of attention all throughout. Never forget the spirit of Christmas and why you are celebrating it in the first place. After all that’s been happening right now, being able to celebrate, have food on the table, and have a healthy family to celebrate with is already a fantastic Christmas gift in itself.


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