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A Money Remittance Service that is Fast and Reliable

Many Filipinos go out of the country in search of greener pastures to better provide for their families. No matter how far they are, they make sure that their family is well provided for by sending money back home. Fast, convenient, and safe sending of money through remittance companies/agents is important to make sure that hard-earned money go to the right hands.


Here are some tips on secure sending and receiving of remittance:


1. Choose a money remittance company/agent that is known to be reliable and has genuine care for its clients.


2. If you are the sender, secure the money remittance transaction details. Do not throw the remittance transaction slip unless you are sure that the receiver has claimed the money. In case you lost your transaction slip before the receiver claims the remittance, immediately inform the remittance company where you sent your money and refund the money sent if possible. Refunding the money will prevent strangers who will find your transaction slip from claiming your remittance.


3. If you are the sender, make sure that you are sending the correct control number to your recipient.


4. If you are the receiver, immediately claim the remittance once you have the transaction control number.


5. If you are the receiver, make sure to choose the right remittance company/agent/payout center that practice good security measures. These payout centers usually request for government-issued IDs before paying out any transaction. Further, these institutions do not payout transactions unless the name of the receiver in their system matches the valid ID presented by the receiver when claiming their remittance.


Don’t be a victim of scams. Make sure you are transacting with the trusted money remittance companies and agents.