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A Green Alternative to Saving Money During the Quarantine Period

Gardening is booming during this pandemic. Many are calling themselves “Plantitos” and “Plantitas” as they take care of plants and grow their own food amid the quarantine. People also make use of propagating plants to relieve stress and save money.

But why is gardening so comforting? How can it help you to save and gain profit? Here’s what we’ve gathered.


Keeping you and the environment well

Being healthy is important and taking your time to reconnect with the environment will give you experiences that help you improve your health both physically and mentally. Science champions the power of planting as it can be a therapy to reduce stress, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. There are aromatic plants, that you can buy online or from physical stores, which help you remain calm. Meanwhile, the act of gardening is physically beneficial because you are using several of your muscles.


In addition, you can help the planet through planting or gardening. Plants give off the oxygen we breathe and take in carbon dioxide which helps the Earth’s atmosphere in providing you with fresh air and a cool climate. For some who don’t have outdoor space for this new hobby, you can make a small terrarium which can be installed inside your house as it doesn’t require much space. It will improve your household environment by minimizing extreme temperature and reduce energy consumption. You can also use this opportunity to learn or upgrade your waste management skills. It involves composting where you use decaying organic materials as a plant fertilizer. It will not only nourish your plants and crops, but also reduce your carbon footprint and generate less waste.


Furthermore, this new hobby can be good for family interactions. With everybody taking care of the plants, you can all reduce your dependency on gadgets and develop a deeper relationship with your family.


Access to food

There are different varieties of plants, vegetables, and fruits that can be found in our environment. Some establishments and businesses have seeds of such variety, but since it’s difficult to go outside because of the quarantine, there are online sellers whose products include organic seeds. You can also get some stems and seeds from the vegetables and fruits you bought or that are stored in your fridges such as peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, guavas, and papayas. By planting their stems and seeds in your garden or terrarium, you can now have a better supply of food that you can assure of its quality–also, chemical-free.


Own a mini farmer’s market and SAVE!

Taking care of plants and producing your own crops can earn and save you some money. By making your own garden, you can eventually build your own mini farmer’s market. The plants and crops that you get from gardening can save you money from transportation to the supermarket and buy a bunch of food items. Then, you can actually earn as your market can be your friends, neighbors, or people buying online. You can sell them a 100% organic and 100% fresh as you can easily pick them up in the garden and have them delivered to your customers in an instant. This, surely, can be a better way to earn because the pandemic has caused shortages in the grocery store.


And to keep your savings safe, why not try to secure them through Micro Savings.


Cebuana Lhuillier offers you its Micro Savings product with no maintaining balance needed. So, you can put as low as P50 into your account until you can earn more from your mini-farmers market.


Clearly, gardening is going to play an important role in our society, during and after this pandemic. Being in quarantine can make you explore biodiversity, practice simple living, and at the same time, be an entrepreneur. That’s why it’s important that at this point, you’ll have access to at least a small garden, so you can expand in the future to avoid any new sources of carbon emissions and gain more profit.


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