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7 Ways to Prevent You from Touching Your Savings Account


It’s really tempting to avail of well-advertised items, especially if they’re offered at a lower price. However, not everything you see on T.V. or social media ads is really a necessity, which in turn, would only be a regretful purchase. When you are on a tight budget, you would require great self-control when it comes to spending. Most of all, you would also do your best to avoid spending your hard-earned savings. With that in mind, it would be necessary for you to follow a few important tips in order to avoid touching your savings account. Trust us; it’ll help a lot in the long run.

1. Create a separate fund for emergencies.

Make a habit of separating your emergency funds from your savings. The thing is, emergencies are sudden and unexpected. Hence, you should always be prepared. Even if you aren’t earning that much, the fact that you have the responsibility and ability to control your funds only shows that you can dictate where your money will be spent on. Car repairs, hospital bills, supplies, are just a few examples of emergency expenditures that you’d have to prepare for. They are definitely in contrast to casual purchases such as gadgets and clothes, which is why you should separate and organize them from the former.

2. Switch to cash only.

Switching to cash would enable you to gain self-control, in the sense that you do not always have to pay with your debit card, meaning that you are not going to be able to spend from your savings account. Yes, you would still need to withdraw for your daily necessities, but having a certain amount in mind whenever you withdraw would at least leave a few in your account, rather than having all of them ready for spending.

3. Forget that your savings account exists.

This may sound weird, but the best way to save money is to forget that you even have a savings account. It’s a way of surprising yourself in the end. Just imagine, tipping in a few amounts every once in a while, forgetting that you have a piggy bank, and then, just when you thought you have run out of cash, you suddenly find that piggy bank again, full and heavy.

4. Adjusting your budget.

If you find yourself taking a bite out of your savings every now and then, this is a sign that there is something inconsistent with your routine. You may need to adjust your spending in order to make up for the other expenditures. Do it the old-fashioned way, list down all of your expenses and then organize which amount goes to which expense, whatever is left, throw it in your savings account. If you happen to be spending too much on food that you can’t even finish, then adjust the amount that you’re going to purchase. When your monthly adjustments add up, you’ll be surprised at how big you had saved at the end of the year.


5. Find an additional income.

You may need to find an extra source of income, just in case your current job only provides the exact amount of earnings monthly. The thing is, you wouldn’t be able to save if your cash flow only entails you to make both ends meet, thus resulting to a possible deduction from your savings, in case of emergencies which would raise your expenses in the long run.

6. Compare prices when making major purchases.

Be a wise consumer. Yes, a well-known brand would provide you with high quality, but remember that there are always affordable alternatives which could provide the same durability and functionality that an expressive brand can offer. “Canvassing” is a common trend among Filipinos, in the sense that they always tend to look for a lower price. Keep your eyes open for promos and package deals. This way, you would be able to save more and spend less, leaving your savings account untouched in the process.

7. Save what you have left over.

Choose to save whatever you can spare. This means that you may set a certain amount in your savings account at the end of the month, and save anything above that amount. Feel free to experiment on this process, get a feel of what works best, and then, go for the specific amount that you would be able to save per month. This would help your funds grow, rather than deteriorate in the long run.

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