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7 Money Tips No One Follows But Should

For us Pinoys, every centavo counts. There would come a time that we’d need to sacrifice a few wants in order to make ends meet, in order to prioritize the needs. There is nothing wrong with that, as the ever-increasing prices would dictate that we should live according to our means. However, there are countless tips, “life hacks” to be exact, which would not only enable us to leave a few amounts for our savings, it would also allow us to spend a few for ourselves and non-frequent relaxations times:

1. Keep every spare amount.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a bit of loose change or a few 20 Peso bills, if you’re not going to use it for now then add it to your savings. What many fail to realize is, no matter how small your current savings are, if it accumulates, you’ll be glad to find thousands in your account sooner than later. Let your savings grow by keeping your loose change aside instead of spending them compulsively.

2. Manage your financials the same way that you’d manage a business.

No one wants their business to fail; hence, they would do anything in their power to maintain its continuous growth and income. The same thing should be implemented towards your savings. Making sure that your account balance doesn’t reach zero would ensure that you’d still have a well-maintained account to deposit to after every payday. If you do not have a business, the same principle still applies, just think of it as a learning curve for when you finally decide to have a venture in the future.

3. Make saving a habit.

It’s tough, especially if you have friends who’d usually invite you to those late night parties and dinners every payday, however, that doesn’t mean that you do not have the option to say no. If they really are your friends, they would understand, and if you really are motivated to save, then by all means, respectfully refuse any expenditure as you go along the way. It may take a while for you to adjust to this “saving” lifestyle, but the payback is much more rewarding than your sacrifice.

4. Never spend impulsively.

This is a mistake that a majority of us would commit. Temptation is everywhere, a new cellphone model, a brand new car in the market, a newly opened ramen house, etc. It takes great strength to pull away from temptations; however, that particular task is eased up by a particular motivation, to save. Remember, these things, no matter how new, innovative, or delicious they are, are only temporary, and the needs must always come before the wants. The need to save for future expenditures should always be kept in mind in order to avoid spending your savings on an impulse. Choose wisely, spend wisely.

5. Consider undergoing a lifestyle change.

For some, lifestyle changes would only equate to expenditures, however, that is just a common misconception, as you may also undergo lifestyle changes in order to effectively save up money. The food you eat, the clothes you buy, and even your way of commuting to work may very well eat up a majority of your earnings, hence, why not choose a much affordable daily meal package perhaps? Or a cheaper, yet, still good quality of clothing brand? Or even a faster, yet, cheaper commuting alternative? The possibilities are endless. The amount that you’d be able to save with these lifestyle changes would ensure that you’d still have some left for future expenses.

6. Be aware of rampant scams and money-making schemes.

Nothing can be more damaging to your personal budget than being involved in a money scam. There are many to mention, however, their “procedures” are all the same: “Invest some cash in our group and we’ll double that amount after a few months.” This scheme has been around for a long time and yet, many still fall for the same old trick. This may be due to the fact that they mostly operate online and are usually made up of people who are well-versed in twisting financial terms. Don’t be fooled, avoid them at all cost, and instead, find other means to use your money wisely.

7. Investing on Microinsurance.

One way of wisely spending your money would be to invest on microinsurance. It’s your choice, house insurance, life insurance, livelihood insurance, car insurance, etc. You may ask, “Wouldn’t it cost me much to invest on microinsurance packages? Why not just save the money instead?” Well, that may sound like a logical point at first, until you realize that house and car damages would cost a great amount to fix, the same goes with hospital bills as well. Microinsurance packages would actually ensure that you may either be given a big discount or a free pass from all of the sudden expenditures (depending on your insurance coverage). Aside from that, you’d never have to worry about emergency finances anymore, as insurances would cover that as well. Be ready, be prepared, and invest on microinsurance.

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