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7 Fire Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

There are many things in life that you’d definitely want to avoid: accidents, injuries, illnesses, etc. However, there is one major catastrophe that many consider to be as destructive as hurricanes and tornadoes. We are talking about fires. We Filipinos have a particular saying: “It is better to be robbed than to suffer from a house fire.” This is true in most cases, as robbers would only choose a few items to take, with many still left in our possessionwhile fires which definitely destroy all our possessions and our home in the process. You may ask, “How could I avoid such catastrophe then?” Well, look no further than our seven (7) safety tips. Following them may just save your life and the lives of others around you:

1. Avoid octopus wirings.

Simply put, you should not overload your extensions. Televisions and computers are advised to be plugged into wall outlets, while electric fans and chargers are safe for extensions. Also take note of exposed wires, do not use extensions if they have this certain defect as it may cause ignition while in use.

2. Never leave any open flame unattended.

Weekend barbecues are a good way to bond with your family. However, you should not leave your grill lit when you’re already done with all the cooking. Douse out the flames and make sure that no active flame is still in the grill.

3. Dispose of matches and cigarettes properly.

Don’t just throw your matches away. Make sure that they’re already out of flame, and then, step on them to insure that they aren’t lit anymore. A main cause of fires is the careless disposal of cigarettes into trash cans, thus providing dry waste to further ignite the flame.

4. Never leave your stoves unattended.

Similar to the second pointer, this is more dangerous as this is situated inside your home, and not in your backyard. Be sure to shut off your stove when not in use, and never be too distracted by your phone, television, or computer, so much that you’d forget about that chicken you’re frying. Close the gas shut after use, so you wouldn’t waste precious LPG as well.

5. Be aware of lit candles in your home.

We Filipinos experience power outages every once in a while, which is why we always have a few candles ready. In such case, you should also be cautious enough to tend to your lit candles during the whole ordeal. Place them in a safe spot, better yet, over a saucer, within a basin filled with water, just for extra measure. Be sure to extinguish them when the electricity comes back.

6. Formulate a fire escape route.

You do not have to be in a huge establishment to formulate your very own fire exit plan. Safety is for everyone, whether you live in a big mansion, or in a humble-sized home. A fire escape plan does wonders. At the first sign of emergency, try to extinguish a small flame. If it becomes too hazardous, immediately get out! Your life matters more than your belongings. Also remember to drop and roll to the ground if ever any part of you catches fire.

7. Prevention is better than cure.

What better way to avoid a big fire than to be alarmed of a small one. Small fires can be extinguished when properly dealt with, hence, you should have smoke detectors installed in all parts of your home, just so you’d know when a flame breaks out. Have an extinguisher installed as well, so you may somehow get rid of a small flame before it becomes a full-blown house fire.

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