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7 Fire Prevention Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

Home is where the heart is. It is where we seek refuge from the harsh conditions of weather and other external dangers. In such case, it would only be fair for us to protect our homes, the same way that it protects us. While we are oriented in the usual activities of cleaning up and fixing broken parts of our home, there is one aspect that we should never forget in the long run – safety. To be more specific, safety against fire and other related incidents. In the first quarter of this year alone (January to March 2017), there were already 1,217 reported cases of fire incidents. Seeing that it is such a big number (and counting), it would only be right to have a few fire prevention tips in mind. Here are 7 of the most vital ones you may need to remember at all cost:

1. Be sure to monitor your cooking.

Don’t just leave your stove unattended. You may be a great chef, but it would all amount to nothing if you leave your food to burn, and that’s not even the worst case scenario yet. A stove left to burn on its own is a disaster and a house fire waiting to happen. Avoid kitchen fire by staying in the kitchen while frying, grilling or broiling food. If you really need to get out of the kitchen (to go to the comfort room, for example), then turn off the stove and continue the cooking when you get back.

2. Regularly check your LPG tank.

Still a task to be done in the kitchen, apply soapy water to the outer surface of your LPG. If a certain part seems to bubble up more than the other surface, then you may have a gas leak. Immediately contact your supplier to replace it. Make sure that the hose and regulator (the one you twist to turn on the gas) are securely fitted to the cylinder valve. It is recommended that you replace the hose every two years and the regulator every five years, just to be sure.

3. Keep lit candles away from clothing and other flammable objects.

One of the basic things we were thought in elementary was to specifically keep lit candles away from nylon cloths (since it easily catches fire). To be 100% safe, keep all objects away from a lit candle, no exceptions. Nylon or not, any piece of cloth like a curtain or a piece of tissue paper can definitely cause big problems when it catches fire. If you really want to be technical, keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn.

4. Do not leave electric cookers unattended.

The advent of technology brought us many cooking utensils and gadgets that are now powered by electricity instead of the usual LPG. In such case, the same amount of caution should be applied when using one. Whenever you’re using a coffee maker, toaster, rice cooker, electric cooker, etc. always make sure to never leave it working on its own. You should monitor the whole cooking process, and then unplug the appliance thereafter. Using these types of appliances may pose double risk, since their heat (when unregulated or left unattended) may cause fire, even then, a sudden surge of electricity may also yield the same disastrous result.

5. Do not plug all your appliances in a single extension.

You should avoid electrical overloading. Most of us would use extensions so we may utilize several devices and appliances at the same time, however, this may cause that particular extension to overload and overheat, resulting an unwanted spark.

6. Unplug appliances and chargers when not in use.

Not only will you be able to avoid overcharging your cellphone, it would also save you a lot in the electricity bills. The same goes for your television, computer, and other gadgets. Save money, save your life.

7. Have smoke alarms installed in your home.

While we could all agree that most fire incidents happen due to negligence and carelessness, we couldn’t ignore the fact that some are also accidental. Having a smoke alarm would immediately let you know that a fire broke out, even if you haven’t smelled the smoke yet (due to you being in a separate room, perhaps?). Not only would it help you rinse out a small fire with an extinguisher, if things get worst, you would at least still be able to get out of the house if it becomes uncontrollable, saving your life in the process.

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