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6 Practical Tips to Burglar-Proof Your Home

The local news is always abundant of reports involving crimes. Each and every day, we’d hear news of break-ins and robberies. Indeed, it is a risky world out there, which is why we are always comforted by the fact that the four corners of our home will always be a reliable fortress against these people who do not particularly have our own interest at heart. However, what if our homes are the next target of these muggers? No need to worry, as we have enumerated a few cost-effective ways to rack up the security of your homes against these burglars:

1) A few small adjustments can go a long way.

Home security doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to know the mindset of a thief, think like one. Re-enact the possible scenarios, “What if I was a thief? Where would my point of entry be? What would I have to steal first?” Assess the situation, analyze the scenario, and change what has to be changed. You could block entry points to your home. You could fix that broken lock on your windows (local hardware stores sell them at an affordable price), you can trim shrubs at your yard, you can plant empty soda cans that goes “crunch!” whenever someone steps on them at the late hours. Your options are limitless.

2) Keep expensive outdoor items in the garage.

If your vehicle isn’t occupying the whole garage space, then consider stowing in your other outdoor items with the vehicle as well. You can keep your motorcycle, bikes, and grill beside the vehicle, behind closed doors and away from the prying eyes of thieves. You can also install an additional lock within your garage; hence, it could only be opened from the inside, an added security measure, overall.

3) Install curtains on your windows.

One of the most overlooked security measure may just be the simplest yet – curtains. Your mom and grand mom would normally install them in order to keep the heat of the sun at bay, and when there’s a cool breeze, you can simply tie them in order to let the breeze in. However, they are also an effective way to limit visibility from the outside. Thieves are master planners when it comes to staking out their targets, hence, why it’s important to block their view. Curtains would not only keep outsiders from seeing your valuables, they’d also prevent assailants from having a definite idea of the number of people they’d have to go against with, if ever they make the crucial mistake of breaking in your humble home.

4) Don’t hide keys outdoors.

There are times in which we’d lose our keys due to work stress and confusion, that happens to everyone, but you should remember not to keep a spare key outside your home. You may be used to the idea of hiding a key under a rock or the welcome mat, but thieves are perceptive nowadays, hence why you should mix it up and avoid doing the usual. If you want to keep a spare key, you may do so within your own pocket or bag, you may even keep it inside the shoe you’re wearing, just as long as there’s proper padding to keep it from puncturing your sole.

5) Whenever you leave the house, even for a while, leave a light or a radio on.

Nothing terrifies a thief more than the presence of residents within a supposedly empty home. Don’t give them any peace of mind or satisfaction at all, leave a diversion instead. Burglars are wary of in-home presence, and they’ll always think twice of entering a home with a loud radio or a light turned on.

6) Adopt a dog.

It may seem counterintuitive at this point, but think of it this way, you’ll not only earn a very loyal companion, you’ll also have an active defense against burglars, 24/7. Even if the burglars were to change their mind upon seeing the presence of your dog, you’d still have enough time to call the police and report a burglary attempt. This would further re-enforce your community security as a whole.

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