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6 Money Saving Tips for Millennial Travelers

Millennials love to travel. Our social media accounts are full of destination pictures, delicacy shots, and replayable landmark poses. Some of us prefer visiting our very own local sandy beaches, while others may prefer to go out of the country, to a much colder climate. Yes, vacations vary in length and destinations. However, there is one common factor that these varying vacations are always involved with, namely, the price. Travel and accommodation expenses are not cheap. Even with promos, they may take away more than a cut-off’s worth of pay, leaving you with little to no remaining cash at all. In such case, there are such things as life hacks that may help you to save up before and during your vacation. Here are just a few to keep you covered:

1. Learn to look for a local place to eat.

Tourist spots are always filled with expensive restaurants. Do not let this tempt you into spending more than what you need to. Remember, the main purpose of eating is for you to gain energy for your fun time and travel, and not to have something expensive to post on your social media page. Local dining places are a lot cheaper than restaurants.

2. Learn to commute like a local.

Tourists are often convinced by taxi drivers to take a much faster route, albeit a more expensive price. Avoid doing this mistake. Ask around for local routes and guidance with the help of locals. The good thing about this is that you would be able to take the scenic route (regardless if it’s the tropical bushes of Boracay or the winter wonderland aura of Switzerland), making your vacation more magical and social media-worthy.

3. Get into Couchsurfing.

This new trend enables you to have free accommodation at your destination, even for a few days. Basically, you communicate with the owner of the house abroad, and then, you would be allowed to stay in their home for free (in some cases, there is even free food!) This would not only provide you a chance to save on expensive hotels, but also, to learn the culture of your host and their lifestyles.

4. Try to haggle.

We are the masters of this craft, so why not do so when you reach your destination. Buying souvenirs can be costly, as the locals may take advantage of you being the tourist who does not know their regular price from those which are over the limit. A small keychain may cost more than the usual hundred, so why not bargain and ask if you may instead buy two for the price of one. It never hurts to be wise, the same way that it wouldn’t hurt to save in your trip.

5. Do your best to familiarize yourself with the place.

The internet is your friend, so use it well. Before leaving your country of origin, do some research, study their language, save up a map on your smartphone. Knowing their means of communication and their directions would definitely help you save by not getting lost and solely relying on taxi drivers to show you the right way.

6. Limit your souvenirs.

We Filipinos love to bring home gifts to our loved ones. However, you do not need to give everyone a treat, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

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