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5 Practical Parenting Tips for OFW Moms

Moms, what would we be without them? Aside from the unbeatable care and love that a mother provides for her child, she is also someone whom a son or daughter can look up to as he or she grows up. The most impressive thing about moms is that they aren’t only focused on household matters; most of them would also try to balance family life and career. The fact that they are able to accomplish this with seemingly no effort at all (or so we think) is what makes them the modern-day superheroes of our lives. This is even more challenging for OFW moms, who not only have to endure stress from work, but also the loneliness brought about by being far from their loved ones. For all the OFW moms who are looking for valuable tips on practical parenting but do not know where to begin, well, look no further than our five important tips:

1) Evaluate your priorities.

For moms who travel from time to time, it is important to set your free time for giving your kids the attention that they need. Fill in that gap brought by your absence due to overseas work. Communicate with them, connect with them, make them understand the situation, and let them know that even if you aren’t around often, they are always in your mind every step of the way. It’s tough balancing travel paperwork tasks and family weekends during your short annual vacations, but be sure to spend a majority of them with your kids. Show them that they matter more than any amount that you can earn from your overseas job.

2) Help them out with their academics online.

One good thing about technology is that they enable you to communicate with loved ones, even if they’re miles away. There are countless online apps that cater to your needs, specifically, those that provide video calling. With that in mind, you can now help out your kids with their school work. Be updated on their academic performances and achievements. Assist them with their homework and make them feel that you can still help them even if you aren’t physically around.

3) Always make time for communication.

This is somehow similar to the first pointer, however, this is leaning more towards the sudden offset of communication, not the planned ones. As kids grow up, they start asking crucial questions. It is essential for moms to answer these types of questions (in equal importance with the dad) in order to guide your kids with life advice and encouragement. Not making time at all for these types of situations may result in your kids becoming aloof and isolated, and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

4) Never forget important dates.

This is definitely one of the least things that an OFW mom would ever have to worry about (as no mother can and would ever forget their loved ones), unless of course they are always pre-occupied with work. It doesn’t matter if it’s your kid’s birthday, first communion, graduation, etc., never forget to acknowledge your kids during such important dates. Greet them, congratulate them, and show them that they will always be a part of your life regardless of the distance.

5) Reward them on every valuable triumph and academic achievements.

Birthday bash, graduation, high grades, you name it. Send over a new console that they’ve been asking for a long time, or the latest rubber shoes available in the market. If they’re at the right age, you may also buy them the latest cellphone model, as long as they promise to take care of it. Your choices are endless when it comes to rewarding your kids.

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