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5 Popular Items You Can Pawn Online

Pawnshops have been the lifeline of millions of Filipinos who urgently need cash to address a sudden need or emergency. For decades, those in need have relied on the pawnshop to provide them with instant cash, usually by bringing jewelry as collateral.

In the past, one’s jewelry, including precious family heirloom, gold wedding ring, diamond earrings, or any other valuable gem or metal, was the acceptable collateral. Today, advances in internet technology have made pawnshops more accessible to more people. In fact, there is now a wider variety of items that one can pawn online.

Online pawnshops, as an easier and faster platform for pawning, are fast gaining popularity. Any person with a computer or internet-capable gadget such as a cellphone can now get the financial help they need in just a few clicks.

It is also a very convenient platform to use since all you have to do is take a photo of the item to be pawned, upload and send it to the online appraiser, and you will just wait for the approval and valuation of your collateral. Once the item is approved, the online pawnshop will deposit the amount to your own bank account. The online pawnshop sends accredited couriers to pick up the collateral at your preferred address. In short, you easily get the financial help you need without the hassle of going to a brick-and-mortar shop.

So, what items are acceptable for online pawning?

Jewelry. From the earliest time of human history, jewelry has served as ornaments of power, wealth, and beauty. No doubt, they enhance the overall image and sense of confidence of the one who wears them. But more than just shining symbols of affluence, jewelry are also excellent investment pieces. They can be resold and even pawned in a time of need. Whether your jewelry is made of gold, silver, diamond, or gemstone, these types of items always command a high price.

Most jewelry items are heirloom and thus are well-guarded and meticulously cared for in order to retain their pristine quality. Aside from the inherent value of the precious metal or stone attached to jewelry, the fine craftsmanship of these items also make them extra special. For these reasons, online pawning shops treat jewelry as their top priority in terms of valuation.

Aside from jewelry, you can now offer the following items as collateral in exchange for cash:

Laptops. Staying connected in the 21st century is almost as important as oxygen, and that is no exaggeration. Whether for work or leisure, laptops and other computing gadgets are now considered part of the daily essentials. With their varying specifications and features, laptops make for a good pawning item because of their functionality and high resale value.

Cellphones. Yes, just like the laptop, online pawn shops also accept cellphones. The latest models of cellphones are now bundled with numerous apps and high tech functions that make them as useful as the laptop or the desktop computer. In fact, some of the top-of-the-line cellphones have very advanced camera lenses that produce professional quality photos and videos. The technology, design, and universal use of cellphones make them a good item to pawn to get one through a tight financial spot.

Cameras. Digital single reflex cameras and other high-end point and shoot cameras are also accepted by most online pawning establishments. Cameras made by Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Olympus can be easily pawned.

Watches. Luxury watches are rare because of the precious metals or gems used as part of the design. The incomparable craftsmanship, resilience, and aesthetic qualities of the luxury watch also make it expensive and rare. For these reasons, luxury watches can also be easily pawned online. Some of the highly appraised luxury watch brands include Patek Philippe, Rolex, Tissot, Cartier, Philip Stein, Bulgari, among others.

So, whatever item you choose to make as collateral, you can be assured that online pawning is a convenient way to meet your financial need, anywhere and anytime.