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5 Money-Saving, Stress-Free Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas season is among us and there are already countless holiday promos in malls as of late. This has caused many to rush to their nearest brand stalls and purchase to their hearts content. However, as delightful it may sound to shop for items for a much lower price, the hassle comes with the crowd. Shopping in a mall with countless sale offers may prove too much of a struggle, as people have the same idea as you, and the huge crowds may make it difficult for you to walk through the aisles. There are countless viral videos online which show many people getting hurt due to stampedes and panicking shoppers, worrying they’ll get the least from discount offers if people get ahead of them in the line. With these, we had listed a few money-saving, stress-free Christmas shopping tips to protect you, our avid readers from deceiving offers and the hostile environment, which are the discount-infested shopping malls:

1. Plan ahead of time.

Do you already know what you need to purchase? If you’re going to a crowded shopping mall with an incomplete shopping list, then you might as well just waste valuable time. Remember that going through a crowd is exhausting, and that going back and forth due to unbought and forgotten presents may take too much time and energy. Plan out your list as early as possible and route your direction within the store isles (if you’re familiar with the mall structure). Take it from us, you’ll have more time to prepare for the Christmas Eve dinner after.

2. Make your own presents.

Why waste time and money going through a crowded mall when you can just make your own presents? Hand-crafted miniature models, self-made paintings, and hand-knitted sweaters will surely bring a smile to your loved ones more than expensive brands may do. Prepare your own gifts and save big without going through any hassle.

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3. If others can do it, ask for their help.

Bustling in the city malls and spending your own money in one go may be ineffective, especially if you’re going through a financial drought. What would be your best alternative then? In the Philippines, there are such things as “Bayanihan,” or the well-appreciated gesture of help and assistance from our family, neighbor and friends. In this way, why not ask a loved one to buy for you a few gifts from your Christmas list? You may pay them in full right after, or perhaps pay up in installments, rendering it as a form of gift from them. This may seem like asking too much from a family or friend, but there are times in which you definitely have a valid reason, perhaps needing to get away from stress and they will surely understand your reason for avoiding it all this holiday season.

4. Recycle old, unused items from your home.

We’re not talking about furniture, rather well-kept appliances that you may not have utilized due to your fear of high electricity bills. An unused iron or rice cooker may be a great gift for your relatives. No need to spend much for wrapping as well, you may decorate a few layers of bond paper with Christmas patterns and redecorate with a cheap ribbon to top it off.

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5. Be aware of discounts online.

The best way to get real-time information on available vouchers and sales within your favorite malls is to check their official social media page or website. This is related to the very first tip in this list, as you would be able to plan ahead of time, preparing you for any possible holiday rush or panic.

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