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5 Kinds of Drivers You’ll Meet on the Road


You have a nice car and a great attitude whenever you’re on the road. You think to yourself, “If I drive responsibly, I would never get into trouble.” Well, that is true for the most part. However, minding your own business wouldn’t be enough to achieve a safe trip every time, as you are not the only one making your way towards your own destination. There are other vehicles and drivers out there who may not share the same positive attitude that you have on the road. In that case, what would you do? Simple, be vigilant whenever you’re driving. Identify the types of drivers you’ll meet on the road and have a calm mind to either steer away from them or drive along with them harmoniously. Here are the most notable ones you may have already met or encountered in the past.

1. The Distracted Driver

Let us begin this one with a fair warning, stay away from these types of drivers. Distracted ones are those who would usually multi-task. They would commonly check their cellphone, eat in the car, and even rummage through their make-up kits while their ride is on the go. They are one of the main causes of accidents, and it would be wise to distance from them, just in case their absent-mindedness turns into a pile up, one that you can avoid.

2. The Beginner

As someone had mentioned before, “they just got their license a few weeks ago, and they drive like they’re still in driving school.” They usually drive as if their car doesn’t have the option to increase in speed, slow and unnerving. They would also make hesitant turns which may take quite a while to get through. This doesn’t mean that we should be relentlessly mad towards them though. To their credit, they are courteous in allowing you to merge and gives way even during traffic.


3. The Grandma Driver

Very, very slow. It’s like having a snail or turtle in front of you. You would lose your patience with these types of drivers, especially when you’re in a hurry (though we’re not encouraging you to go fast. Some would drive 10 mph below the limit and taking 15 minutes to make a turn. It’s forgivable to fall into the second category above, but there is definitely no excuse if you’ve been driving like this for over a year.

4. The Traffic Weavers

Traffic weavers are always in a hurry. They abuse the term “overtake” while on the road and are a liability to others by being another main cause of accidents. Don’t get caught with this type of driving attitude. It’s definitely dangerous.

5. The Good Driver

Finally, some good news! They aren’t in a hurry, they aren’t too slow either. They would diligently follow traffic rules and regulations and even flash you a friendly smile when giving way. Unfortunately, they are not so common today, nonetheless, they are a rare species of drivers that you should be looking up to. Double points if you’re already one of them.

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