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5 Industries That Will Rock 2019

The future brings many potentially successful prospects and business opportunities. Back then, people didn’t even predict how big of an industry social media networks would turn out to be, not to mention, the technically enhanced smart phones of today. In such case, 2019 is no exemption, as the advancement in technology would only mean that there are countless ways to make an industry stand out. The internet age only made it simpler for entrepreneurs to grasp their target market within reach, which is why these following ventures are sure to make a mark this year:

1) Online Stores

You might have had a glimpse of this already in the past few years. Many small time businesses began to thrive in their respective Social Media pages, may it be affordable apparels, perfumes, make-up kits, footwear, and even pastries. While the typical market stalls usually require more expense in terms of space rental and advertisements, businesses stemming from their Social Media pages are more practical and easier to execute. And not to be fooled by its seemingly obscure numbers, this is just the beginning. Sooner or later, there would be Social Media pages dedicated to selling cars, houses, and even vacation packages (who are we kidding, these things already exist anyway). Take this as an opportunity to startup your own small business as well. Strike while the iron is hot.

2) Delivery and Logistics

The first industry focuses on the sales and self-advertisement of online startup businesses, now, here is one industry that goes hand in hand with them. There are various delivery services which seemingly came out of nowhere in the recent years. These delivery services are in coordination with the online shopping business, in the sense that they deliver the goods or items that you’d order online. Think of it this way, without these logistics services, instead of receiving your ordered items at the comfort of your home, you’d be forced to pick them up from the seller’s location, and that would cost you time, money, and energy. While there may be various delivery services nowadays, the best way to stand out within this industry is through the efficiency and proper servicing of the items delivered. The earlier the packages arrive, the more that this particular logistics provider gets chosen by online sellers.

3) Tourism

With the rehabilitation of Boracay last year, many are anticipating its full-blown grand opening again to the public. You may have heard of it being opened already, but that just involves a small part of the island. If a full opening were to happen this year, a much cleaner and beautiful Boracay would rake in business opportunities, even for its residences who are hoping to startup a small venture. Simple businesses of souvenirs and tropical snacks would be in demand again, so if ever you’re one of its many hopeful residences, be on the lookout and prepare for a much bigger La Boracay comeback. You wouldn’t even need to advertise via your own Social Media page, as news of the island’s opening itself would garner enough attention.

4) Online Catering Portals and Services

If you were to search for it online, there are countless options to choose from when it comes to catering services. Back then, you’d have to personally approach a restaurant just to discuss their packages. In some occasions, you would even need at least a glimpse of their leaflets or business cards in order to contact their catering representatives. Nowadays, the internet allows you to visit their website and to get a review of their offered packages and menu. You’d also be able to see their direct lines, which you may already call for your catering needs and event schedule.

5) Various Ride Apps

Due to the recent directives of our government, the policies regarding ride-sharing services have been stricter than ever, thus, weeding out the most egregious ones and leaving the best ones at bay. This is a perfect opportunity for those left behind to improve their services further and to raise the bar when it comes to ride apps. If you have a car of your own and were to register for such service, you may want to re-consider the basic qualifications and paper works first before submitting the main application. If you were to pass all the requirements with no snag, then you are on your way to providing a smooth ride home for weary passengers while earning a little extra for your budget.


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