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5 Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

Whenever you’re on the road, it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings. The streets and passageways are unpredictable places. In most cases, incidents and other risky situations can be avoided with precautionary measures. If you’re the type of person who’d rather be safe than take unnecessary risks, then these driving tips could save your life:

1. Always keep your hands on the wheel.

There’s a reason why, here in the Philippines, strict rules are set against drivers who use their cellphones on the road. This is mainly due to frequent accidents which are caused by distracted drivers. It is important to keep your hands on the wheels, so that you can maneuver away from danger if the need ever arises.

2. Pay attention to road signs.

Imagine this: You’re so distracted by your passenger’s joke that you fail to notice the “One Way” sign on the roadside. Then, accident ensues and you’re the only one to blame thereafter. Make it a habit to look out for signs that may or may not be too visible, especially at night. If you’re passing by a school area, be on the lookout for pedestrian crossings as well.

3. Keep a “one-car” distance between you and the vehicle upfront.

Don’t drive too close to the vehicle in front of you. Give them enough space, just in case they’d come to a sudden halt or turn. This is a very critical rule to follow, most especially if it’s a truck, a bus, or an armored bank vehicle, as they may have lesser visibility of the vehicles behind them.

4. Adjust your side mirrors before every travel.

Make sure that side mirrors are properly angled to give you visibility of other vehicles that are driving up your side. It would save you a lot of trouble; especially as some drivers aren’t responsible enough to honk when they’re overtaking. Prevent a few dents and scratches with the simple act of adjusting your side mirrors.

5. Stay within the designated speed limit.

Expressways usually allow drivers to run at a higher speed, but city streets are a different story, as there is a smaller space to drive through and the amount of pedestrians are a lot more. The general speed limit in the Philippines is 60 km/h as its minimum and 100 km/h as the maximum. This varies depending on the vehicle type, as trucks and buses are only allowed to run as fast as 80 km/h.

Memorize and comply with all of these, and you’d need to worry less about road accidents. The more you know, the less chances of you getting involved in a dangerous situation.

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