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5 Challenges to Reaching the Best Version of Yourself and How to Overcome Them

Here’s the thing: life is really not a bed of roses. The bigger your dreams are, the bigger the challenges you may have to hurdle; but that does not mean you should just give up on your dreams altogether.

Here are five possible challenges that can slow you down on your way to reaching your goals, and how you can overcome them:

1. The Perfectionist’s Standard

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The problem with most people is that they want to do everything perfectly that they end up not doing anything at all—or end up failing just because they chose to stick to this standard they have in their heads.

What you have to keep in mind is that perfection is just in the mind. No one’s perfect—but that doesn’t mean that your best is not necessarily the best. You should remember that you can always change your decisions, and more often than not, you will have a chance to correct your mistakes. Taking small steps towards your goals would get you there—and having the perfectionist’s standard won’t.

2. Comparing Yourself to Others

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Other people think they’re not good enough so they end up comparing themselves to the people around them. When this happens, they’d feel that everything they’re doing isn’t as good as what the people around them are doing—which often leads to lingering self-doubts, and insecurities in life.

Here’s a good question: why are you even comparing yourself to others? You have to realize that you are great the way you are—and that your goals are your own. Make a vision board and a mission statement. As long as you’re clear with what you want, you’re good. You don’t have to base your success on others’ success—everyone has their own place in this world.

3. Always Thinking about What Others Are Saying

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Another problem that most people have is that they focus on the negative things people have been saying against them. These make them lose confidence, and feel like they could do nothing good in their lives.

Again, why would you care about what others have to say? People always have something to say. Even celebrities have haters! What’s important is that you focus on doing your best. Entertaining negativity would do you no good—and would just take chunks of your time away from you.

4. Not Having Patience and Drive

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What separates successful people from failures is that they never give up. Some people want instant gratification. They want to be successful right away—but life really does not work that way.

No matter how many times you fail, you just have to keep in mind that if you want to get what you want, then you should not give up. Be persistent, and realize that if you’ll give up, you’ll get absolutely nothing.

5. Being Defined by What Happened to Them, and Where They Are

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Finally, some people choose to be defined by where they are and what happened to them.

Sure, you may not be the richest person in the world—so what? Sure, you may have failed before, but so what? You don’t have to keep living in the past. If you want a good future, work hard in the present—and don’t give up!

Life is full of challenges, and that’s the truth—but remember, it’s your life and you can take control. Do that, and you’ll surely be successful!