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4 Smart Ways to Declutter your Home

We are all bothered by mess. It’s counter-productive to work at a station filled with your unorganized stuff, the same way that we are all hassled at home by a pile of our used clothes. If you’ve been putting off your cleaning schedules or weekend duties, the clutter in our homes would come back to haunt us, one way or the other. “How on earth would I be able to clean all of this mess?” – you may ask. Well, look no further than four of our best tips:

1) In with the new, out with the old.

If you happen to purchase a new set of wardrobe or furniture, it would only be sensible to set aside the ones which you are no longer going to use. Depending on the amount of free space in your home, you may either stash (in an orderly manner, of course) the old items inside your cabinet or at a spare room (for some, this may either be a room once occupied by a family member who already went away to work abroad or a typical guest room). If there isn’t any spare room at home, you may also store the unused items in your garage, provided that your car doesn’t take up the whole space.

2) Organize, organize, and organize.

What better way to organize than with a few affordable drawers or bookshelves. The thing about decluttering is that you have the option to arrange your items creatively, without having to throw away anything. If your magazine or book collections are just lying around the house, a nifty bookshelf may just be what you need. On the other hand, for those types of belongings that you wouldn’t want others to see, you can just simply lock them away in a drawer. The choice is yours.

3) Never leave off any minor clutter from the beginning.

A small amount of clutter can pile up, thus, leaving you with a huge amount of mess, sooner or later. Learn to organize from the very beginning, so that you wouldn’t have to put up with the clutter during your rest days. Weekends are for relaxation, so do not leave off any mess during the weekdays.

4) Pawn or sell off your old items.

If you have no extra space at home for your old items, then the best option would be for you to sell or pawn your items off, whichever suits you best. The thing about garage sales is that they always attract a particular set of people who are either looking to buy something cheap or add something to their novelty collection. In such case, you’d only be able to sell your old items for a smaller price, rather than pawning them off, which would provide you with a much better deal, given that your items are still in pristine condition.

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