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4 Reasons Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Save

Summer is finally here! While for most people it’s a perfect opportunity to use up that vacation leave in their work contract, there are some who would rather set cash aside for a long term investment. Yes, summer is the perfect time to save. There are temptations in spending much for a luxurious out of town vacation, but even that can be avoided, while still having fun during the summer. This doesn’t mean you’d sacrifice the calmness of the warm weather for indoor activities, but rather, you can moderate your usual summer spending in order to save more than you had saved before.

1) To save on electricity, no more dryers.
If you happen to use a washing machine each time you’d do the laundry, then chances are you may be utilizing the dryer after. This adds further to your electricity bill. Since it’s the summer, the heat would be enough for your wet clothes to dry, even after hanging them for just 30 minutes. You would no longer need to use the dryer after every wash. If you’re the type to wash your clothes manually, then you’d be able to save more out of your electricity bill.

2) No school expenses. (For students)
Much of a student’s expenditures come from school activities and other extra-curricular assignments. No lunch money and fare for commute as the kids/teens are at home, hence, the parents would be able to save for further expenses in the upcoming school year. Of course, summer vacation also entails a possibility of other travel expenditures, especially for those family trips, but they wouldn’t be much compared to the accumulated amounts expenditures during the school year.

3) No alternate routes. (For employees)
The thing about being an employee is that you have no summer vacation; hence, your expenses are continuous. In such case, you can still save money, due to the fact that there is no traffic during the summer. Most of the time, you’re running late for work due to traffic, so in order to reach the office on time, you take the extra ride and spend more daily on alternate routes. Summer vacation allows you to lessen your daily commute cost by allowing you to reach your work on time without the need for alternate routes.

4) Perfect time for a summer job.
With enough time management, you can apply for an additional source of income. Summer jobs come in many forms; they may either range from being a delivery man to being a cashier in your nearby restaurant. Nonetheless, the most efficient way to save during summer is to earn more than what you can during the other seasons.

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