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4 Business Ideas to Start Outside Metro Manila

A lot of people from the province move to the city in hopes of finding a better life. While some succeed, there are a number of individuals that fail and lose their money.
The metro may look like a shining beacon that promises success, but the province has just as much promise if you’re willing to put a little bit of effort.

The best advantage of provinces compared to the city (aside from better traffic conditions) is space. Land is not only much, much cheaper outside Metro Manila but also much, much more fertile. If your family owns land, or you have the capital to buy a few plots, why don’t you make the most out of them by planting your own mini garden? If you’re a bit more ambitious, you might even want to consider buying a few egg-laying hens or ducks. This ensures that you always have fresh vegetables and/or eggs within reaching distance. Any extra you can sell in your local market.

Party Supplies Rental
Unlike the metro, there isn’t an abundance of restaurants in the province. In fact, when celebrations occur, catering is usually done by the hosts with the help of their family. While food is simple enough to take care of, there is the problem of seating and entertainment for the guests.

Celebrations don’t occur every day after all, so people are not likely willing to buy 10 tables and a corresponding amount of chairs just for one birthday party. However, while a family may not need a set of tables and chairs the day after their youngest’s birthday, there might be another family celebrating their eldest daughter’s wedding on the other side of the barangay.

If you have a decently sized space you can use for storage, why not invest on reusable party supplies?
You only need to purchase the items once, decide on a fair price and then you can start renting them out to people with events to celebrate.

Internet Cafe
If by some chance you are in an area with decent coverage, then maybe you’d be able to open a small internet cafe. Computers remain uncommon in the most rural provinces but have increasingly become a necessity, especially with the government’s efforts to turn digital.

If you have the funds, you can set up a few computers connected to the internet and a printer with refillable ink. Students and job-seekers will flock your shop for the opportunity to use the internet for research.

Transport Service

Unlike the messy (yet predictable) transport system in the metro, transportation in the province tends to be less coordinated. Sure, some areas have jeepney, tricycle and bus stations, but a lot of areas in the province remain outside of their area of service.
If you know of such a place without a decent transport service and where many people gather, you could possibly make a pretty penny from offering a service direly needed by the public. Buy a few sturdy motorcycles, turn them into tricycles, hire a few good drivers, get the proper certification from your local government and start helping people while making a decent living.
Next time you dream of making it big in the city, why don’t you first take a look at your province? There are many ways to succeed, don’t box yourself in one idea, broaden your horizons and find the potential in your home.

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