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4 Advantages of Online Pawning

If you’ve always gone to a brick-and-mortar pawnshop to meet your financial needs, maybe it is high time to make a switch. There is now a more convenient option available in Online Pawning, a technology-based platform for getting appraisals and receiving money for your valuable collateral.

Online Pawning offers four major advantages over the traditional pawnshop. Whenever you use online pawning, you are rest assured that it is:


1. A Way to Save Time and Effort

If you live in the city, you are most likely one of the millions of people who have to endure the hours-long traffic on a daily basis. This traffic creates an even longer, slow-moving queue of cars when there is heavy rain and flooding, or when there’s a fender-bender. By simply making an account on the online pawning service and logging in, all you need to do is to take a photo of the item to be offered as collateral and upload so that the appraisers can evaluate and give you an offer. When approved, the online pawning service will make a cash deposit corresponding to the value of the collateral. All these steps without taking a single step outside and only a couple of clicks on your computer or just a few taps on your mobile gadget.



2. Safe and Secure

By securing an account online, you can proceed with a transaction at the pawnshop at the comfort and safety of your home or office. Online pawning assures safe and secure transactions, where you do not expose yourself to the risk of robbery or loss of the valuable item when you transact in traditional pawning services.



3. The Option with Higher Appraisals

Perhaps one of the most appreciated benefit of the online pawning service is it offers significantly higher appraisals to its customers. They are able to do so because their business incurs lower costs or overhead expenses since they don’t need to spend on shop signage, furniture and fixtures.

Given the lower cost of running an online pawning service, the costs associated with a traditional pawnshop are reduced and there is no need to pass on those costs to the customer in the form of higher interest rates.


4. Has an Expanded List of Items to Pawn

Lastly, there is a wider list of items that can be submitted as collateral to an online pawning service. While jewelry including expensive automatic watches are still acceptable, other items can also be made as collateral. Various type of laptop computers, digital cameras, designer bags and even motorcycles are now acceptable as collaterals in online pawning. With these four unbeatable advantages, using online pawning to get extra cash is now the preferred way to get much-needed extra cash, with ease and without stress.