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3 Ways Kids Can Save During Their Summer Vacation

Kids love the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot outside, they’d always search for ways tohave fun!For the most part, they are confined within the four corners of our homes, but that should not stop them to be imaginative and wise with their playtime.. If you’re trying to find ways to bond with your kids and teach them at the same time during this long summer break then no need to look any further than our three special tips.

1) Less gadgets, more outdoor play.

Gadgets run out of batteries, so they may need to be charged from time to time. You can lessen your kid’s power consumption by allowing them to play outside. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’d force them to play beneath the blaring sun; you also have to time it right. Perhaps an early hour jog may motivate exercise, and then indoor rest during noon, then last but not the least, a few outdoor games at dusk. Your options are endless.

2) House chores are always a good alternative form of exercise.

House chores do not only teach discipline but also initiate exercise. Think of it as a more directive form of play. It may not seem fun at first, but that is exactly the point. You’re teaching your kids discipline, and it may in turn teach them self-control, resulting to the wise usage of house resources, including electricity. Talk to them about the positive results after – lesser electricity consumption equals to more budget, more budget and less expenditures equals to more savings, especially for their lunch money during the new school year.

3) Less shopping, more learning.

Teach your kids the alternative ways of having fun. Don’t just hand them the tablet, and never hand them any money to buy sweets, as that would be counter intuitive in terms of saving. Buy them a book and enrich their mental abilities as early as now. Make them understand that not all fun can be bought. Yes, candies and toys are fun, but only for a limited amount of time. Once they have run their course, toys would no longer be played, while books would never cease to enhance their learning and answer their young, curious minds.

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