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3 Tips to Effectively Save Before the Start of a New School Year

Yes, the heat demands higher electric consumption due to more frequent usage of electric fans, refrigerator (you need an ice-cold drink, after all), and even washing machine (you need to wash those sweat-drenched clothes), but there are actually ways to get around these consumptions and expenditures. When the summer heat seems unbearable, your needs and comforts will always have alternatives, enabling you to save, rather than to spend this summer.

1) Avoid opening your fridge door when unnecessary

The electric consumption of a refrigerator doesn’t actually depend on the number of food and beverage inside it, but rather on its capability to cool its own containment. The more that you open your refrigerator door, the longer it would take to cool its containment, this is evident on the temperature of its contents. Try to touch your tumbler or the contents of the fruit and vegetable drawers. Do they seem a bit less cool to you? That is because cool air tends to escape the containment itself each time you’d open your refrigerator door, so you should instruct your kids not to treat it as a modified air conditioning unit and keep its doors closed at all times, only opening it to retrieve cold beverage when needed.

2) Wash all your dirty clothes in one go.

Do not make multiple schedules of wash day during the summer, instead, set aside a particular day in which you’d wash them all. Understandably, you may have a whole bundle of dirty clothes during the summer (kids really love to play outdoors), which is normal, as everyone sweats and needs to change into a fresh set of clothes. If you find almost all your wardrobe exalted to this then just set aside a single laundry day. One laundry day is equals to one expenditure, rather than multiple wash days which will generate a lot on your electricity bills.

3) Quit or lessen your air conditioning usage.

This may seem counter intuitive, especially during the summer, but take it from us: you will be able to save a lot just by using your electric fans at home. If multiple fans aren’t doing it for you then feel free to visit the nearby mall with the kids. This may seem like the opposite of saving (it’s the mall, after all), but no one said anything about spending so much in one go. Take time to hang out and stroll, but don’t spend even a centavo on any item for sale. Wait for dusk to arrive or until such time that the summer heat lessens (during the evening). Feel free to go home after.

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