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3 Quick Money Making Opportunities This February

For almost every month, there are various happenings around the Philippines that would enable you to make a living and earn a little extra than the usual. While it’s mostly seasonal, it’s always better to grab the opportunity, as Filipinos would never run out of ways to spend for such seasonal events. This February is no exemption. There are more than one major events this month and we thought we’d name at least three worthy of a business opportunity. Keep in mind that the days and locations would vary, hence, you should choose which would work best with your budget:

1) The Chinese New Year

Whether you’re a full-blooded Chinese, half-Chinese, or even non-Chinese, everyone celebrates this particular festivity. You got your local fast food chains switching up their menus to represent a few oriental alternatives, you have your nearby malls redecorating with traditional red lanterns, with a few dragon dances in between, and you also have a few scheduled fireworks display throughout the month. Yes, the possibilities for extra income are endless, but one which stands out most would have to be the never-ending sales of “Tikoy.” Yes, we know, many are already selling their own brands in the market and it seems convoluted at times, but remember, you can always get creative and add a little flavor to those typical servings. You can set up a little “Tikoy” stand, complete with an added chocolate chip or “Ube” in your menu. While the typical sweet delicacy may be found in a box around your grocery stores, you can vary it up and serve it “street food” style, already fried and well-prepared with the additional flavors. You can even present your own combo meal, include a plastic cup of “gulaman sago” or juice in the process.

2)Valentine’s Day

If the Chinese New Year isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps you might try going for a more heartwarming option. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity, not just for earning a little extra budget, but also for you to show off your baking skills. When it comes to Valentine’s, the sweeter, the better. You might want to try baking a few boxes of brownies, or even cakes, any type of pastry that is easy to prepare. Looking around your local grocery you’d be able to find ready mixes of baking ingredients, thus, all you have to do is add the appropriate amount of water and bake away in your home’s oven. Selling has never been easier with the advent of social media. Document your baking process to get those mouthwatering food pictures and promote that your delectable goodies are for sale.

3)The Baguio Flower Festival

We weren’t joking when we said there was going to be a location-specific event. If you are one of our avid kababayans from Baguio, then this tip is for you. This relatively new event in the country’s summer capital is similar to the Rose Bowl Parade in the U.S., as it also features a parade of floats made entirely of fresh blossoms harvested by the locals. This would be a perfect opportunity for you, especially if you have a knack for arts and crafts, as tourists would surely be swarming to see the parade, you’d be able to sell a few handcrafted keychains and festival themed apparels in celebration of the said event.


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