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The 3 Dos and Don’ts of Pawning

If you’re looking to get rid of a few pre-loved items while making a little extra cash at the same time, then pawning would be your best option. You are free to choose any pawn shop that you like; however, you should also be doing your own homework. When it comes to pawning, it isn’t just about going to the venue, surrendering your jewels, and getting your cash in return. You should also prepare, to avoid making any mistakes which may affect your appraisals. Here are just a few dos and don’ts that you should be aware of:

1. Do your homework

Do: Know the real worth of your jewelry. Before you proceed to the pawnshop, you should at least have knowledge of your item’s manufacturer, karat weight, and the current market price. These are very important, as you may need to negotiate the amount once you present the jewelry. Remember, you are trying to achieve the best deal out of pawning, and the best way of doing that would be to get the highest appraisal possible.

Don’t: The exact opposite, which is coming unprepared. Aside from the usual knowledge of your jewel’s worth, you should also clean them. An unclean item may earn you a low appraisal, and that would hurt your chances of getting a reasonable amount from pawning. The way you present your jewels would show the pawnshop representatives how determined you are of getting a great deal, and a shady presentation would indicate that you have to intention of receiving that at all.

2. Inspect the place

Do: Remember when we told you about having the freedom to transact with any pawnshop that you want? Well, that’s definitely true; however, you should also take caution. Name recognition alone does not speak for a pawnshop’s quality of service. You should see to it that the establishment is well-organized, well-lit, secure, and manned by an accommodating and knowledgeable staff. Security should be of utmost importance, as you wouldn’t want anyone taking off with your priced possessions, would you? Choose another pawnshop if these standards aren’t met.

Don’t: The fact that the said criteria weren’t met and you still chose to transact with them anyway. Nothing is worse than putting your items at risk. Thieves aren’t your only problem at this point, as low and dishonest appraisals are your worst enemies. Avoid this at all cost.

3. High-quality service

Don’t: Let’s switch it up a bit. We’re going to start with the “don’t” this time. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your jewels to be pawned off in exchange for a low appraisal; neither are you willing to wait in line just to have five to ten minutes of transaction time. There are countless ways of going about this problem, and tolerating low-quality service isn’t one of them.

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