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15 Filipino Superstitions About Money

We Filipinos always believe in superstitions. Some make sense, while most are just weird. But out of all the local superstitions, those that involve money are definitely the ones we usually practice. After all, we don’t like to lose any, right? With that, here are just some of the most commonly heard money superstitions of Filipinos.

1. Don’t sweep your floors at night. According to our elders, sweeping at night causes luck to go out the door as well, bringing wealth with it.

2. If you buy a new wallet, put a certain amount in it that you should never spend. Rumor has it that leaving a certain amount of money (regardless if it’s as low as P20) would dictate your luck of never running out of money for a year.

3. An itch on your palm means incoming wealth. Regardless if it’s an ant bite or just dirty hands, if your palms itch, expect money in the upcoming days.

4. If you mistakenly wear your clothes inside-out, expect more money. Similar with the superstition of getting lost, wearing your clothes the wrong way would attract good luck.

5. If you are a businessman, giving discount to your first customer of the day will increase that day’s sales. This belief is said to attract more customers and earnings within a single day.

6. Never put your bag or purse on the ground. This is said to cause bad luck in wealth, leaving the owner of the bag/purse with no money.

7. Never pay your debt at night. This is similar to the superstition of not sweeping your floor at night, as it also causes loss of income.

8. When you see a shooting star, quickly take your money (any amount) and wrap it in your handkerchief. The money you had wrapped should then be used for gambling. This would be a sure win for that particular game.

9. Wallet money should be arranged from lowest to highest. This is another superstition that is said to attract more wealth in the upcoming days.

10. Never pay on the first hour and day of the month. Similar to not paying your debt at night, this also causes bad luck when it comes to earnings.

11. When moving to a new house, throw coins inside first before entering. This is said to indicate showering the house with wealth, providing its inhabitants with many blessings.

12. Keep plants with round leaves, cut down those with vines. Round shapes are always believed to symbolize coins; vines however, take their gardeners with them to the ground.

13. Never put money on the table. Many believe that it will cause the family to spend all their money on food, with nothing left to spend on other important things.

14. Black ants are good luck. It is a belief from the Chinese that motivates many to leave sweets on certain parts of their houses to attract ants, and hopefully, money.


15. Use your right hand whenever you pay. This is a belief that indicates balance, as your left hand should be used to receive payment. Proper balance in using your hands attracts more money towards you.

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