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10 Extra Income Ideas for When You’re Looking for a Job

So you left a job to pursue greener pastures, but haven’t quite figured out where those greener pastures are. In times like this, it (quite literally) pays to have a work-from-home job to tide you over while you’re searching. Some of it is easy, some of it not, and it’s pretty much a matter of knowing where your strengths lie and how well you play your cards! Check out these 10 ways to earn money while going through unemployment.

A short stint in food service can be a very humbling experience, and a lot of people from that industry have said that everyone should try it at least once, to build their character up. Interacting with hundreds of different people a day, each with their own set of demands, can tire anyone out – but while you’re there, pick up all the experience you can get.

1. Food Stall

Filipinos love food. A food stall is the easiest way to pick up some extra cash! If you have a special merienda treat – perhaps the best turon, an easy way to make ramen, or a snack that isn’t popular (yet!) in the Philippines – it’s time to fire up the stove, bring out the folding table and set up shop in a great place with good foot traffic. If the people like it, you’ll keep making cash as you watch your customers grow!

2. Graphic Design

If you’re a whiz at Photoshop or Illustrator, you’re in luck! Tons of people are looking for graphic designers for their graphic design needs. Make logos, posters, edit photos for a good fee and set yourself up with a portfolio. Who knows, with enough practice, you can charge a lot higher for your work!

3. Virtual assistant

Organizing schedules, setting up meetings, and making sure every second is accounted for is no easy task, and executives need someone to plan everything up for them. Being a virtual assistant not only keeps you busy, but also allows you to work even when you and your employer are thousands of miles away. Better still, most gigs offer monthly payments, so it’ll be a stable source of income for quite a while!

4. Transcription

Transcription services are in demand, especially in the media industry. You’ll be taking voice recordings and putting it in writing, and it’s a time-exhaustive activity. If you’re good with languages and accents, you’ll be able to recognize most words and accents and be able to provide an excellent output. Try Googling online transcription services and see if you can set yourself up with a gig!

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based type of marketing, meaning you get money through marketing the product by yourself. What you do is you gain a supply of the product, and it is your job to sell them, and the company pays you a share of the profits, for your solo marketing efforts. Mostly, you also get incentives if you pull in another friend to do the job with you.

6. Bazaars

10 Extra Income Ideas for When You’re Looking for a Job2

If you’ve got a ton of clothes, or appliances that you don’t need and are just gathering up dust in the closet, it’s time to take them out to the bazaar to sell. Clean up lola’s old rocking chair, sew up torn clothes, and buff out old appliances to make them presentable, and watch your money pouch bulge by the end of the bazaar!

7. Online English tutorials

This job has become the bread and butter for many Filipinos working from home. With our good handle on the English language, and our hospitality, Filipinos are good choices for English tutors – and the scores of foreign clients that they get can only attest to that. All you need is a good pair of headphones, a clear mic, a laptop that can supportVOIP applications such as Skype, Viber, Yahoo! Messenger, or AOL, and a good internet connection to start teaching some English!

8. Arts and Crafts

If you’re into arts and crafts, there is a world of opportunity out there waiting for you. People are always looking for cute little accessories, phone charms, or maybe handmade giveaways for big events like weddings, debuts, and baptisms. Also, if you have the knowledge and tools, woodworking is a good way to rack up some serious cash. Build furniture that stands out from the rest and sell them on the internet! So pick up some wire, a ton of beads, some clay, or some wood, and get to work!

9. All-around handyman

Handymen are never out of work. People are always on the lookout for one! Be there to fix pipes, reshingle roofs, or paint a room for your family, friends and neighbors; do a good job, build up a network, and see yourself earning enough cash to sustain that job hunt.

10. TESDA Course

10 Extra Income Ideas for When You’re Looking for a Job3

While not exactly a way to make money, it’s a good way to start. TESDA offers a lot of entrepreneurial, skilled, and managerial courses, with certifications that will help you either land a job, or get started on your own business. What’s more, they also offer free online courses that don’t require you to pay for tuition, and provide certifications as well.

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